Lyra Shines at Hickory Valley Hills Mall

I’ve never posted an HD video here before, mainly because this free version of WP doesn’t allow me to adjust the viewing screen so it’s super tiny. Also it might be hard to view if you have a slow internet connection, so most likely I will not load a 1080HD video again in Vimeo.

I learned something new whilst making this video. I didn’t know before that I could overlap clips, I just have to mute one of them and I choose to do a full screen overlap instead of a tiny screen at the corner. Click here to view a bigger screen at vimeo.

My sister told me that Demi Lovato was performing at our mall last Saturday and we went since Lee is a huge fan of hers.Ā  I guess she misunderstood by this poster, and so were many people that went there in hoping to meet Demi in person.

It was enter for a chance to meet Demi Lovato!

We saw Lyra Shines performing instead and she has a great voice.

The two guitarists.

Lee got a free black tank top from the concert, she puts it on right away.

I’m not an economist, but the economy has not picked up any in our area and this is a way to get young people to come out and shop.Ā  Things are looking kind of gloomy lately, but the good thing that came out from this is that it will be a tax free back to school shopping this weekend, so don’t spend too much money and save some for a rainy day.


  1. I love the way that you share so much of your life and yourself on your blog. It’s truly fascinating. Thanks.
    I’ve given your blog a tiny mention on my own today.

    Take care. All the best, Boonsong

  2. I don’t know any of those singers :-). You’ll see the same situations everywhere now and especially small town like Hickory. It is a trickle down effects, when majority of people can’t afford to buy new furniture usually translate to plants closing down. This situation about the economy, I really don’t see it turning around anytime soon.

    • Seeharhed, Demi is famous, might be among kids though. šŸ™‚

      We took a big hit in our area also, and the sad part is that some that got laid off 1.5 years ago, now their unemployment compensation ran out and some are still jobless. The specialty niche industry seems to be doing well and I’m glad that we got in that early.

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