Fall Garden

It has been raining a lot lately, very gloomy and things seem very depressing no matter where you turn. As for most businesses in our area, they’re thriving, many are focusing on cost cutting rather than revenue generating since it’s a hopeless situation to bring in more business.  It’s riding out the tough times, number crunching for many that work in the Accounting department, having nightmares about cash flow.  It used to be that if you rubbed shoulder with the owner, then you have a job security, but not anymore, it’s most definitely you earn your keep these days.  One thing that I’ve seen and learned, you don’t take your personal problems to work, and you don’t take work home, the two just don’t mix, Max knows what I’m talking about.

It has been a while since I last posted about my garden, the Summer just flew by and now we’re heading for the Fall season. I’ve decided to plant some Fall vegetables, mainly because I want to expand my garden, and have more planting space in the Spring, but I still have a lot more work to do.

Lee is putting her little touch in “her” garden, her latest additions to the garden were the mushroom and birdbath, and her job is to make sure there’s clean water in the birdbath daily.

Believe it or not I still get string beans, just last week that I saw new flowers, and this week more beans.

My herb garden looks more like a Spring garden rather than a Fall garden.


I harvested all my peppers to make room for my Fall crops except for this one.

Some Fall crops.

My new planting bed for Fall crops, still a few more to go.

Another year of Water Hyacinth take over.

And my two Gardenias next to the driveway are in bloom.


  1. My parents veggies are still thriving too! I am at their house right now, just arrived right after dark so I didnt get to check it out, but then I’ll do my bes to take some photos. When I arrived they were picking veggies so I can’t wait to see, my sisters had been telling me they had expanded their garden as well. Nye, your garden is looking great as well and so is Lee’s!

    • mozemoua, my garden has turned out a lot better than I expected and I spend a lot more time back there this year than last year. Do post your parent’s garden, I think the rains that we’ve been getting is making every grow again, it’s great for my herb garden.

  2. Hello Max! He looks very excited to be in photos.

    Your garden still looks very nice & healthy. The fall plants also look good enough to eat.

    And Gardenias are some of my favorite flowers, the scent is lovely. But I can never grow them successfully here.

    Btw, nice song… and Daugherty is originally from your part of the states too. 🙂

    • Hi Cambree, Max is a very happy dog, he gets too excited sometimes and Bo is training him but it’s a very slow process, it might get better when he is a bit older.

      Gardenia is one of my favorite flowers, I had problem growing them when I was living at my old house because it’s closer to the mountains but not here, we get a lot more rains and might be that it’s closer to the lake also. Daugherty has a nice and powerful voice, good thing that they’ve a free mp3 online website.

    • lady0fdarkness, it lifts my spirit to see something growing in my garden and that’s why I want to do a year round garden. 🙂

  3. i wish the fall is here… i’m sick and tired of this hot weather.. i want the rain and cold weather, so it feels like the fall.. instead, we been having 95-100F for this whole week and this coming week too..

    nice pics and thanks for sharing..

  4. That is really nice. We finally removed all the rice to make room for the fall plants. Mom planted mustard, cilantro, and others already…but it’s not looking lovely as yours. The luffa vine is producing like crazy, much more than last year. Take care.

    • PaNoy, thanks for the photos, the papaya looks real good, I think it’s big enough to make Tum Buk Houng, but you need some good Padek with that. 🙂

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