Ira Cline is Saying Bye-Bye to his Strawberry Farm

Below is a picture of Ira Cline, this is his last season to greet his strawberry customers, some are his friends that come to pick his strawberries year after year.

Ira Cline Farm

Another sad story, when I heard that Ira Cline Farm is closing his strawberry farm, this only stresses the fact that this area is getting hit hard, plus the crop is getting taxing as well.  Ira Cline is a fifth generation farmer, he was born on the Cline farm, and has been growing berries for the past 31 years.  He also has blueberry, which I’ve never gone picking, it’s later in the summer, and this part of the farm will remain.

I think Americans mentality have changed, this was supposed to be a ‘you pick’ operation, but as people have more money, they don’t want to go out there to pick it themselves anymore.  Ira Cline thought that people are getting lazy, I just think that it’s very inconvenient for some to go out there, and money can buy a lot of conveniences.

Ira Cline Farm

Miss Sunshine

A family picking strawberries

The crop this year doesn’t look as good as last year, many overripe strawberries on the vine and it’s because it has been raining on and off, this prevent people from going out there.  The strawberries are best picked the day that they ripen, and eat or preserve them as soon as possible, overripe fruit spoils quickly on or off the vine.

IMG_2911 strawberries


This is my dad’s first year of picking, also his last at Ira Cline Farm.

My dad picking strawberries

This is also the first year of picking for Little Miss Sunshine.

Miss Sunshine

This one looks like Strawberry shortcake.

Strawberry shortcake

It was a beautiful day yesterday, nice and sunny, and I told my second sister that I just love this weather, she looked at me and said, “Are you kidding me, look at me, I’m melting here!” It’s true, she was literally covered in sweat.

Strawberry flower


  1. Sweet! I have never seen a real strawberry plant with oh-so-red fruit like that. I love strawberry, you can have it in your cake, ice cream, muffin, salad, etc.

    Little Miss Sunshine is so angelic-looking kid, she will grow up as a fine attractive lady.

    • K.noizki, this year strawberries are not too sweet, the many rains wash the sweetness out from the berries.

      Little Miss Sunshine is very photogenic, if I have my camera with me, she can sit and smile for me all day long. 🙂

  2. I’ve never heard of Ira’s farm before, but I am saddened to hear he closing shop after so many years… ughh… I wish the economy is better.

    speaking of strawberries.. I like it sour so I can eat it with salt. I had some really big ones yesterday.

    • lady0fdarkness, he is a local farmer and most people in this area know him. I think prior to this, him and his father did cotton and tenant farmers, they grew sweet corn, pumpkins, beans, raised many cattle, the typical farmer and he gave it up and replaced them with blueberries and strawberries.

      I believed there is too much upkeep with the strawberries, and him and his wife couldn’t handle it at their age. I’m glad that the blueberries will remain, and hope to go pick in the summer, but I feel sad to see him giving up on the strawberries.

  3. Last weekend I picked some ripe mulberries. Not that fun, my fingers were all purple and my shoes were all dirty. But they were yummy!

    I missed out on the strawberry picking here. But later in June we can still pick Bosyenberries (cross between blackberry and raspberry) at Phipps Family farm in Pescadero, Ca.

    Sad to hear Farmer Cline’s strawberry farm will be closing. Glad your dad got to experience the fun this year.

    Btw, love the photos! 🙂

    • Hi Cambree, thanks. I also like mulberries and saw them at the temple when I was there in April for the Lao new year, but wasn’t sure since the tree was huge, but should be ripped here by now also.

      My dad didn’t want to go at first, but since he loves gardening, I thought he would like to see the farm, and he did enjoy going with us.

      I met Ira Cline, he was very relax and nice this year, he didn’t fuss over to make sure we don’t step on his strawberry bushes, or have to pick all the ripe ones. I think they might be removing all the bushes in a couple of weeks, I’m sure they’ll be planting something else in its place. It’s that time of the year where he has to replace all the old bushes for a new one and I think it’d be too costly to do so.

  4. One of my classmate has a strawberry farm and boy her strawberries are yummy! My aunt works at a head start and her school visits my classmates farm every year.

    • mozemoua, I’m going to miss his strawberry farm, but hope to visit his blueberry farm when it’s in season. We’ve several farm in this area, but it’s a bit further drive, this one is closest to me, kind of sad to see him closing down part of his farm.

  5. I actually lived ten minutes from his farm and went to go pick strawberries for the last five years! They were definitely better than anything I had at the store. Now even though we’ve moved away from NC, I’m sad that he’s closing down the strawberry farm.

    • Kamee, Ira Cline Farm is the only one that is closest to us, another one is on HWY 150 in Mooresville which is 30 minutes drive. I’ll miss his strawberry farm for sure, the ones that you pick it yourself is not as pretty as store bought, but it sure tastes a lot better.

  6. I truly hate to hear that Ira Cline is closing down , it will surely be a very sad day.I always enjoy picking the strawberries and eating them while picking. Ira Cline has a wonderful place to take your family and the children learn where strawberries really come from and have loads of fun picking them. We have been truly blessed to have Ira Cline in our county and in our lives to show us wholesome goodness. His strawberries have always been the best.I hope Ira Cline knows how much a blessing him and his family has been to his community.I have been going to their farm since I was a small child and I had started taking my daughter there and she loves it . My family will truly miss you.

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