Saturday Random Photos

My sister filled her fishpond with dirt on Saturday.  She saw the video of her fish, and said that those are not Butterfly Koi but long tail comets.  When she mentioned long tail comet, the name Hale-Bopp comet  came to mind. I thought to myself, your are kidding right? I thought they were fat Butterfly Koi.  She did have 1 Koi left and gave it to Bo.  It was big and Bo released it in our backyard fishpond.

Just two weeks ago this was what it looked like.

Bo came and got the rocks.  He is thinking about building another level to our fishpond and make a waterfall. I’m sure this will be a fun project for him and can’t wait to see the waterfall.

My sister’s tulips made me think of the tulips at Biltmore Estate.  I don’t want to miss the tulips this year, and I’m hoping that we will get to visit this weekend, or next weekend when they have the Festival of Flowers starting April 7th. I did a video of the tulips in 2010 and this was when I first learned how to shoot video.

The season definitely starts earlier in this part of the country.  When I was growing up in Brooklyn, New York, we used to call the Azaleas a Mother’s Day flower since they bloom around Mother’s Day,  May 10th.  And here it is only the end of March and it’s already budding and should be blooming in the next few days.

I recall the day my dad and I bought this flower.  Not very often that I get to go to the flea market with him on a Thursday and he bought 2 plants and I bought 2 also in 2009.  I gave one to my sister Bee and kept one in my garden. My dad’s plants look a lot healthier than mine, and I’m wondering if the one that I gave to Bee is still alive.

My dad’s Cherry Blossom starts to bloom also. It should be in full bloom by next weekend.

And as for the seedlings, they are slowly growing and these are the Thai eggplants.

These are chili peppers. It will be a few weeks before we could plant them outside.

Photos were taken with CanonT2i, EF70-200mm f/4L USM lens.


  1. What a wonderful waterfall of spring color! I hope you get to see acres and acres of tulips and that you make another video of the whole experience. Our too-early spring is about to turn back to winter and we are grumpy. I just watched several of your videos and realized how much I have to learn. I would be grumpy about that, too, but watching Lee bounce around in the 2010 snow has made me smile.

    • Hi Gerry, I learned from practice and try not to make the same mistake that I did in the past but I always forget, it seems like a good idea when I shot the video clips but not so good on big screen. The editing is the fun part and can be time consuming but well worth it at the end.

      I hate it that the weather is turning bad in your area, it’s like mother nature just teased you here. 😦 It will be wonderful to get to spend the whole day at Biltmore, our season pass is expiring and I want to make the most of it.

  2. You come from a family of green thumbs!

    The white flower (camellia) are one of my favorite flowers. I’ve tried growing both camellia and gardenia in the past – but they never make it after the first year. So I’ve given up.

    The tulips are beautiful. They make me happy and always remind me of my grandma. Look forward too seeing the Biltmore tulips. 🙂

    • cn, I didn’t have much luck with the camellia and gardenia in the past also, just recently that everything I grow survived. My dad’s green thumb must have rubbed off on me. 🙂

      The weather forecast in Ashville doesn’t look too promising this weekend, I hope it doesn’t rain on us. I have to call and check to see if the tulips are in bloom.

  3. I like how your dad organized and label everything… “keur yai” 🙂

    Looks like Bo is protecting his truck pretty good with all those blankets and card board boxes.

    • seeharhed, my dad is very organized, and I’m glad that he labeled them because I certainly don’t want him to give me the wrong thing to plant.

      Yes, Bo and his car. 🙂

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