Saturday Random Photos

Lee’s levitation is inspired by Natsumi.

My niece took her turn.  I’m not sure if they were having fun, but I know it is tiring.  It’s actually a good exercise for them.

My dad’s Cherry blossom is in full bloom, I’m actually late in photographing this since some blooms are wilted already.

When Bo planted this tree years ago he wanted Lee to have a tree to climb. I think mission accomplished, but now the tree belongs to Grandpa and he is not too happy to see this.

The crab apple tree is flowering.

The bees are busy pollinating the fruit trees.

I didn’t have a chance to pick off last year’s fruits.  I think I’ll wait a week or two since I don’t want to disturb the flowers, and not to mention the bees.

A pear tree.

Since we had a mild winter, the banana trees left outside survived the cold months.  My sister is thrilled that she doesn’t have to plant them. I think this will be an interesting Summer.

Photos were taken with Canon T2i, and EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM lens.


    • seeharhed, she actually left it there, and had to cut it down in the Spring to see if they survived. The ones that she left outside didn’t make it in the past but they survived this year’s winter since it wasn’t so cold.

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