Saturday Random Photos

This will be the last that you will see of the winter around here.  We are sprung forward and daylight saving time change is this weekend.

Today we went to the Carolina Home & Garden Show at the Hickory Metro Convention Center.  Bo was able to get us some extra tickets, and  my dad came with us and seems to enjoy himself.

My second sister loves to see new ideas of home and garden improvement. She was amazed of all the neat ideas and how nice it came together. It’s all about having enough money for the project. Isn’t that how it always work?  Once you have enough money, things just look nicer.

Lee loves everything about the show, she wants to go back tomorrow to get the Venus Flytrap plant. I’m just not so sure and they are pricey also. She did purchase a leather owl wallet.

My niece came with us and she also purchased a leather owl wallet.

They allowed one cupcake per person, but the girls just couldn’t resist going back for more. Can you blame them?

There were several plant vendors there, and we had a great time.  The ticket was $6 per person, and Bo was able to round up enough free tickets for all of us.

Back at my dad’s house, my niece had agreed to levitate for me.  Today’s levitation is inspired by Natsumi.

My dad’s Japanese Sakura, or cherry blossoms are in full blooms.

All the buddings of last week open up this week since we have had a nice warm weather in the later part of the week.

My sister’s seedlings start to sprout.

In her fish pond she has several frogs living there, this one is hideous looking.

And not to make the same mistake as last time, I visited the for sale house again to photograph the horses.  I got there just in time, and within 5 minutes the horses were back in the barn.

Photos were taken with CanonT2i, EF50mm f/1.4 and EF70-200mm f/4L USM lens.


  1. It’s so nice to visit and see fullblown spring! I can’t have flowers yet, but I wonder if I could levitate . . .

    The wait for the horses was worth it. They are handsome.

    • Hi Gerry, it’s too bad I couldn’t get close enough to the horses, perhaps next time they’ll come closer to me. I do love this time of the year and spring flowers are so beautiful. You definitely could levitate, it’s a great stress reliever and I’ve tried. 🙂

      • I have many ups and down because of the way I chose or I am force to view things. The names of folks bothers me since they are similarly the names of folks I know but not; so society around me seems to enjoy depicting more and more since it bothers me.

        Your name is Nye and you are married, husband has a name. Imagine if every time you went out you were met by folks same name as your husband or his siblings; or co-workers etc. Imagine if this kept happening over and over again; I trust sooner or later it would bother you in that you would think people are purposely doing this. And you would want to know why since it is cruel because these actions are painful to me.

        I am different ethnicity than husband so folks play this up quite a bit. I can explain but it is not something others understand or want to hear about. So long it is not happening to them.

        You post lovely things, you seem very luxurious and fears nothing. Your niece levitates. How nice. I must try this next time I am out walking and hugging of trees. Be well. I don’t have friends since I am not a nice person.

        Methuen, MA is a lovely place for homeowners raising children; many of the residents have their own stocks of live chickens, hens, dogs, cats, small gardening area etc. They seem to sustainably live. Homes are put up immediately in these parts and there seems to be an air of guardianship or Godfather like atmosphere to this place but it could be my imaginings. Whatever it is I am not healthy here since it is not for me. I am not family oriented.

        Have great week.

      • My day is sometimes good and sometime bad. This week in Boston, MA they had the Spring Flower Show over the World Trade Center (Seaport) and receiving your post seem like insult or making fun somehow. But you can’t know of the flower show seasons. Anyhow, I did not attend due to lack of funding and getting to train station gas wise is costly. My husband does not work so things are difficult. It does not help to feel folks are purposely keeping him from working because they don’t approve or like me or what I say etc.

        I mean I am judge constantly, all of the time.

        I did reply earlier and not sure if all I typed was sent. I fume, meaning nothing. Just irate at my situation.

        • Ainee, the shows are pricey, and if we had to pay for it we wouldn’t have gone. My husband got free tickets from his work and co-workers. I have no intention of showing off that we went. I post many personal photos here at my blog for my sisters that live in NYC, and since I don’t have Facebook this is the only place that I share with them. I have no intention of insulting anyone with my photos.

          There is so much negativity in this world, I could have rant about the negative things but that wouldn’t do anyone any good, including myself. Life is too short, I choose to view things in a positive light and hopefully it will attract the positive things into my life. I know from personal experience, being female and Asian have a lot of disadvantages and I have to work twice as hard as the person next to me but I don’t mind. I think the key is to think positive and things will always work out. I know it has for me.

          • You could have stated “my husband got free tickets to this show and I am sharing these photos with friends and family” so that an idiot like myself would not think this is a tit for tat or coinciding with flower show in Boston at Seaport. My husband use to work right near there but never got tickets to things. I am sure it is me they don’t like.

            His brother architect in New York gets tickets to games etc.. in New York and Boston. maybe next time you post something his name will appear innocent enough as a reference to something.

            Oracle of delphi seems to bring things closer and closer and perspective is everything.

            I live in an apartment building and today they are carrying in new washers and dryers so lovely, one could feel like homeowners but we are not and don’t use laundry room; we do our in public with folks who speaks spanish or portuguese dispensing their comments with us not understanding. I imagine they are about me since I like no one. The world adhere to white being best in all or others must help them. either way they are atop.

            Sad for my husband that I say such ugliness. men is so good.

            • Ainee, it takes the fun out of things when we have to explain and justify everything that we do and post. It’s not important the message I’m trying to convey with my post because everyone’s perception is different and obvious by your perception and that’s something that I can’t control. I actually accept that as part of life. I come across all kinds of people on the Internet, some might like me and some will hate me, it’s not that important really.

    • Hi happinessontheway, I bet the most beautiful sakura is in Japan, you are fortunate to have lived there for several years. I hope to visit Japan one day. 🙂

  2. Nice to see spring has arrived, and to see photos of your trip to the garden show. You are lucky that your family agree to pose for you, but they know of course that you make nice photos of them. Cupcakes has just recently become known and popular here, I haven´t tasted one yet. 🙂

    • Hi Giiid, I didn’t realize that cupcake is not well know there, it’s everywhere here and Lee and I finally mastered the art of baking cupcakes. These were the mini cupcakes and you can easily eat several in one sitting. I think my family got used to me taking photos of them, and I post their photos for my sisters in NYC to see. It’s kind of nice for them to see what we have been up to. 🙂

      • What a luck for your family in NYC that you both like to write and take photos. Surely I would enjoy to follow my family the same way.

        I love the expression “in one sitting”, I´ve never heard that before. It is a very usefull and describes well. 🙂

        • Hi Giiid, sadly I’m the only one that is writing and updating photos, they just come in a check it out and that’s why I blog about places that we visit, my garden, and my dad’s garden. The expression ‘in one sitting’ is an idiom and the girls can really pack it down if I let them.

  3. This is making me anxious for Spring to start. You have captured some lovely seasonal scenes. Colors, greens…still very drab up here but warm!

    Oh, have Lee get me a few of those cupcakes, too!

    • Scott, it feels like Summer here today and to think that it is only the middle of March. I would imagine that this Summer will be extremely hot and long, but I would take that over long Winter. The cupcake was a neat idea, it made me think of the cupcake war in the Food Network.

  4. I went to a garden show/expo in SF years ago and it was really disappointing. Most of the vendors were out to sell stuff. And it was so dark inside almost gloomy.

    Since that visit I now am bias towards garden shows. But this show in NC looks very bright and cheery. And free cupcakes! I could probably eat a few myself. 🙂

    • cn, I actually like all kinds of show, I have not gone to one that I don’t like yet. Lee is the same way as me which is a good thing. 🙂 They did a lot of prep for this show to make everything look nice. The main goal for most vendors are still the same, I bet the booth fee is very expensive. The cupcakes were supplied by the cupcake vendor, and the free part was nice.

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