More Spring Flowers

Who wants to be inside when you have a nice weather like this?

I know not me, nor this cat.

Wild flowers are everywhere.

Bright yellow flowers, my color.

I’m sure these are planted with care.

My younger sister planted this in memory of our mom.

I hope we have more days like this ahead.


  1. This is nice to see; photos showing colorful flowers comming up all over. Just what we are longing for. I believe it will take a month before we are at the same “spring-level”, but lets see.
    Growing flowers as a tribute, is a beautiful way to connect with the loves one who have passed away. I am doing this, too.

    • giiid, this time of the year goes by so fast, and it’s great to be able to capture in photos. In away, this is like a personal journal that we share with friends and family. We also planted a Chinese pear tree at my dad’s house, my mom wanted one but was too ill to go out and choose it herself, so Bo went and got one for her. It’s nice to see her pear tree doing so well.

      • These are really nice spring photos from your hometown. You did a great job capturing it.

        The flowering tree you planted in memory of your mom is also beautiful. I’d love to see a photo of the Chinese pear tree too. I wonder if you it’s what we call “Asian pear” out here in California. They are super juicy and round.

        • Cambree, the flower tree was planted by my sister Bee at her house. The Chinese pear tree looks very similar to the American pear tree but my dad said that it looks like it’s hybrid with the Chinese pear tree, the shape of the pear looks kind of round and has more juice. I think the nursery that Bo went to didn’t sell him the full breed tree, at least I didn’t think it was the real Chinese pear tree.

  2. Great spring flower pictures. Your cat seems to be enjoying the increasing nice weather. I’m slightly jealous as it continues to rain day after day here in Maine. I love the depth of field use in the pictures. It really focuses on the flower in bloom.

    • Hi Maggie, we’re very fortunate at this time of the year and we have flower trees everywhere. My next stop is the festival of flowers, can’t wait. 🙂

        • mozemoua, the festival of flowers is at Biltmore, I’m heading there this weekend and will blog about it for you to see. This is their first weekend so it should be real nice.

  3. Love the photos! I wish it would start to warm up here soon. I have been in Korea for 20 years and this has been the coldest March/April I have ever experienced!

    BTW, thanks so much for your kind comments on my post about helping a school in Laos as well as the link to your posts about your fund raising. I want to help out so much and do as much as I can for the school in Paksong.

    • Hi Jeffrey, I guess it’s not bouncing back like here, I hope it gets warm soon in Korea, it seems odd to me that it would be that cold in an Asian country.

      I’m glad that you feel so strongly about helping, we need more caring people like you. It’s very sad to see the school condition, I recalled that we didn’t have it as bad when I was little attending elementary school in Thailand. As for the schooling in Laos, I think the school condition never changed, kind of sad.

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