Spring Flowers

I had always looked forward to Spring Fest at Lee’s school, and this year was special since it was her last year at this elementary school.

I can’t believe how much she has grown, the image below was her first day in kindergarten and she was 5 year old.

I will miss going to Spring Fest, I don’t think there is such a thing in middle school or high school.

Lee won a goldfish. I wonder how long it will live and if she released it in the backyard pond I think the chance is a lot higher.

The winter didn’t last very long around here, and I saw the first sign of Spring flowers even before the snow melt.

I really need to turn this post into a Saturday Random photos.  I’ve heard that Big K-Mart is shutting its door as part of a cost saving strategy.  It’s kind of sad to hear, K-Mart on Hwy 70 shut down several years back, and now Big K-Mart.  I think when you have Walmart nearby, it’s hard for smaller business to survive.  Lee and I didn’t buy anything, I might come back next week for some garden tools.

I went to visit my dad after I left Big K-Mart, and talking about testing my patience.  I was driving behind this moped going at 30-35 mph, and by the time she stopped at the red light, I couldn’t believe what I saw. She was wearing a pair of pink slippers, I guess anything goes in this small town.

The flower trees started to bloom at my dad’s house.

It was a beautiful day on Saturday, but I bet the pollen count was extremely high. It’s not just Spring season, but also allergy season for me.  I do love the spring flowers, and don’t mind the suffering so much.


  1. I always feel care-free every time reading yr posts about yr family and the nature around you. In my place, it’s the morning now and i feel good to read. Do you know, in reality, this is one of the blogs that inspire me to use wp from the start. Just keep it on. I think i’m not the only one because many bloggers would have the same feeling.

    • Thank you quoctruong for a nice comment, my blog has transformed over the years and it’s more photos now than words and I have to say that photos are more pleasant to read. 🙂

      On a more serious note, I’m glad that I have inspired you to use wp, hope to inspire you to photography as well. Photography is a universal language, even when I can’t read your post, the photos you have selected for your post more than make up for it. I’m happy to see that you still read my blog. 🙂

  2. Oh Miss Nye! Your photog work is inspired! My goodness, how funny, cute, beautiful, Lee was the most darling baby girl ever! Gosh, it must be so bittersweet to see her looking so grown up! Your close-ups on the flowers are nothing less than totally exceeding anything I’ve seen offered commercially! Breath-taking, I must say! Today the 19th is my birthday Nye! I am 59 years at 3:37 central standard time. Isn’t that amazing in itself? That is a long time! You and your Lee have a long way to go! haha kisses and hugs, Cissy in Texas

    • Thank you Cissy, you are too generous with your comment. Lee is a joy to be around and I hope she’ll grow up to be a kind and honest person, these are the most important qualities I see in a person. It’s a blessing to celebrate a birthday, and happy belated birthday to you Cissy. I wish you good health and happiness in the year of the horse. I’m just curious and looked up your Chinese year, you are a sheep: “Undeniable charm in the restricted character. Charming and diplomatic, your style is your asset for success.” I wonder if it came close to being you. 🙂

      • Hi Darling Nye! I only wish I was charming and diplomatic! haha I tend to make more people upset with my words at times, than I prefer… 🙂 You are the absolute proof and undeniable evidence that goodness and love are still alive and well in our lands… My most beloved spirit animal is the horse. As for sheep, I have also found much to like about them. Thank you honey, for giving me such sweet and kind thoughts and words. You are truly the gem of my inspiration! I send you all LOVE! Cissy

    • Hi Truels, I’m sorry to hear about the tragic, and glad to see you are back blogging again. Lee has grown so much in this past year. I bet it’s still too cold in your part of the world, looking forward to seeing your Spring flowers photos soon.

  3. Love your Spring, Nye. It came here for a while but today is a stormy day, one to sit inside, write, sew, cook or read. Or just relax. Have a pleasant weekend !

    • Thanks Isa, we still have some cold weather here, but I’m looking forward to the longer days to spend more time out door.

  4. Such beautiful spring flowers. And such a cute photo of Lee’s first day of school. You are lucky to have captured such great photos of Lee’s childhood. 🙂

    • cn, I regret that I didn’t have interest in photography when she was little, but good thing we still have a few photos of her here and there. 🙂

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