Wat Lao Buddhavong Annual Festival 2008 for July 4th

Updated on 7/6/2008, post of concert: Wat Lao Buddhavong July 4th, 2008 Concert Part I Jonny Olsen and Anna-Anhly Vorarath

It appears that it is going to be a morlam summer festival during the week of July 4th at Wat Lao Buddhavong of Cattlett, VA; this will be a treat for those who love Morlam.

Wat Lao Buddhavong Annual Festival 2008


Plus singers who don’t have their photos on the poster are:

Possible singers from Thailand: Mike Piromporn, Tukkatan, Fon
Singers that will be performing: Sodsai Romphothong, Morlam Sommainoy Doungchaleun, Virayud Eckoudorn, A Eckoudorn, Pridsana Vongsili (I apologize if the name is misspelled)

We all remember Jonny Olsen, Farang wants to be khon Lao

NEW LAO DVD-Jonny Olsen-“Gued Pit Bon”(Sample Video)

Mike Piromporn – หมัด เท้า เข่า ศอก (Mut Tao Kao Sauk)

Takkatan Chonlada-Ying Chung Ying Gep Pai Fun

Fon – I’m not Nang Ek ฉันมิใช่นางเอก

Visit Wat Lao Buddhavong Webpage for more information


  1. LOL! I just came to read some of your new posts and then the picture or flier of the singers that will be going to the temple made me laugh. The reason being is that “Ken Tennessee” is my best friends step father..

  2. Hi Jey, it’s a small world, if I get to go, I will definite do a post about him for you, expect lots of photos.

  3. LOL! Thank You, but I’ll pass on pictures of him.. Loung Ning Nong will be there also. I just find it really funny. I told my best friend and we were laughing about it.. hehe

  4. Jey, you must have seen him often. Lol. This should be an interest concert, but I was hoping that Bird, Sek loso, or Unsanee and Watson would perform because I heard some of them are touring in the US.

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