Thai Talk Show Host Changed Name because of a Guest Speaker Part II

Continued from Thai Talk Show Host Changed Name because of a Guest Speaker Part I

This is from Koosang Koosom Magazine, written in Thai language by Apreradee and translated by Nye.


First one was Jorm, but p’Tang asked him why he had his interest in this name.  His replied was that since he was changing his name, might as well make it more sassy, but p’Tang said that if he was going to use this name then he has to be willing to answer various questions and perhaps even have to change his character as well because it sounds like Jour Jorm (means take immediate action, or even to the point of attack) and his character is nothing like that at all.

Then another name that he liked is Sougon because it’s closest to his real name “Gamon” and after thinking about it for a while, he decided to go with Sougon which means white or clean.  As for his new last name “Sijounga”, again it was because it is similar to his old last name and he wanted to honor his old last name as well.  His new last name means small full moon.

As for his nick name, he didn’t have any prior to the name change, Gamon used to be his real and nick name but his mother and friends would call him ’Mon’, short for Gamon, so this was an opportunity for him to use Jorm as his nick name, but instead of calling him Jorm, people would call him “Jorn” (means bandits or robbers) most of the times.  He often wonder if they were mistaken calling him this, or it was intentional, or just teasing.  It first started when he went on a show on Channel 3 (Thai TV), and in the script they wrote his name as “Jorm Sougon”  but the talk show host called him “Jorn Sougorn” giving him the full bandits name, first and nick name, good thing that his last name didn’t get teased as well.  He thought that they might have thought about it, but couldn’t come up with anything catchy.  So they call him all sorts of name, such as “Sougorn” (means bandits), “Gouson” (means charity), something along this line, but being called Gouson is much better than being called Sougorn, and sometimes even gave him a nick name of “Ar Jorm” (sounds like poop), he thought that they might not dare call him “Ar Jom” (means poop) directly just to show some respect.

He has been using his new name for awhile now, and he is paying closed attention to his progress, to see if what the professor said is true or not, but till this day he has not seen any golden opportunity coming his way, that his life is any better than before.  But since the economy is so bad and everyone else is suffering, and his life seems to be okay, he thought that this might be the result of his name change.

Truth is, the story of his name change is not that important, but what made it interesting is that he never thought of doing any of this before, but at the end, he ended up doing something that he had never believed in, his exact word, “But I thought all the time after I had my first and last name changed, even have a nick name as a bonus, is my life any better professor? from Sougon (means white or clean) to being called Sougorn (means bandits), what do you think? Lol.”


  1. lol Poor guy, I guess since he changed his name it was something he did for himself not for others. I think he should accept that himself. It seems like he likes it though. Even if he gets mistaken for robbers and such.

    Thanks p’Nye 😀

    • Julie, I thought of the same I guess it’s good for him to change it to his new name, otherwise he would be living his life to the ‘what if’ mentality, and this is one less thing for him to worry about.

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