Siamese Temple Painting called The Temiya Jataka from Wat Yai Intharam

After my oldest sister found out that I want to write about Buddhism, she gave me a book called Ten Lives of The Buddha, Siamese Temple Paintings and Jataka Tales by Elizabeth Wray, Clare Rosenfield, and Dorothy Bailey, with photographs by Joe D. Wray. The photos are beautiful and below is called The Temiya Jataka from Wat Yai Intharam, Chonburi Thailand.


Temiya tests his strength by lifting the chariot. Temiya’s raising the chariot causes the horses hitched to it to twist their necks around and shocks the gravedigger into looking up. According to the Pali text of this story, the gravedigger does not see Temiya at this point; he continues to dig. The painter here has chosen to ignore this fact in favor of artistic unity.

I am fascinated with Buddhism temple painting and the architecture of the Buddhist Temple (Wat). I often imagine an angel to look like Temiya.


  1. Hi Jon, it is a Thai classical music called Mahori, here is the Url. I uploaded this myself.

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  2. This is absolutely beautiful… By writing about Buddhism, do you mean on this blog, or also in some other forum (like research paper, book, whatever)? I haven’t read a lot of posts on here yet, so sorry if this has already been answered…just curious! 🙂
    And Thanks for having both Thai and English on here… 🙂

  3. Hi Erin, mainly for blogging, since I’m a Buddhist I like to blog from a Buddhist perspective, and I received a lot of reading materials from my local temple as well. I also blog at as a guest author, and also my Buddhism Inter blog. I learn as I blog and what interest me might interest others as well. The Thai wordings are mostly copied and pasted, but the translated stories are from Thai magazines that I subscribed from a Thai bookstore in Chinatown, NY. I’m glad you like it, and thanks for the visit. 🙂

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