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String Beans, Cucumbers and More

When I got back from Wat Lao Buddhavong, it was a pleasant surprise to see new things growing and blooming in my garden considering that I didn't water it for 3 days.  My hen and chicks plant that I moved from a pot and planted on mulch has beautiful flowers blooming. My sunflower is in… Continue reading String Beans, Cucumbers and More

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You Can’t be Great by Yourself

When I heard the phrase ‘You can’t be great by yourself,’ I thought he actually has a point.  He went on and said even the greatest inventor needs expertees to test out his inventions, of course he needs someone that he can trust, the one that won’t steal his ideas.  Right…sounds to me like an… Continue reading You Can’t be Great by Yourself

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A Frame and Wooden Trellis for my Small Garden

I’ve decided to use untreated wood for my A Frame, there are treated wood of the same sizes that are not a lot more expensive, but I was concerned for the chemical that they used to soak the wood, I don't feel safe to let the cucumber vines climbing on it.  As for the wood… Continue reading A Frame and Wooden Trellis for my Small Garden