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Fall Garden

It has been raining a lot lately, very gloomy and things seem very depressing no matter where you turn. As for most businesses in our area, they’re thriving, many are focusing on cost cutting rather than revenue generating since it’s a hopeless situation to bring in more business.  It’s riding out the tough times, number crunching for many that work in the Accounting department, having nightmares about cash flow.  It used to be that if you rubbed shoulder with the owner, then you have a job security, but not anymore, it’s most definitely you earn your keep these days.  One thing that I’ve seen and learned, you don’t take your personal problems to work, and you don’t take work home, the two just don’t mix, Max knows what I’m talking about.

It has been a while since I last posted about my garden, the Summer just flew by and now we’re heading for the Fall season. I’ve decided to plant some Fall vegetables, mainly because I want to expand my garden, and have more planting space in the Spring, but I still have a lot more work to do.

Lee is putting her little touch in “her” garden, her latest additions to the garden were the mushroom and birdbath, and her job is to make sure there’s clean water in the birdbath daily.

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Dad's Garden

Cucumbers Galor at my Dad’s Garden

Just to update my sisters on my dad’s garden, my oldest sister wouldn’t be needing to see these pictures since she is here visiting with us this weekend, she is looking at the real garden.

My dad's garden

This is my second sister’s old fishpond, she has it sat in the back yard to raise her water lily and water Hyacinth since her fish seem to eat the roots of the water Hyacinth, so she rotates them around.  Sue planted some flowers for her, they are perennial flowers so that they’ll come up every year.

old fishpond

I took these pictures on Friday evening, the clouds are beautiful.


pickling cucumbers

Not a lot left on the vines when I got there, my dad picked them earlier and said that I can take a picture of them from the wash bin.

pickling cucumbers

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My Garden

The Fruit of My Labor

I know this is the proudest moment for me to be able to finally harvest some vegetables from my garden, it has been very rewarding thus far.

My garden

My first water lily in bloom.  I’ll be visiting Biltmore today and can’t wait to see their water lily.

Water lily

My Water Hyacinth is spreading rapidly, looks very healthy in comparison to my second sister’s water Hyacinth, her fish ate all the roots.

Water Hyacinth

My second sister gave me these Junior Sunflowers, they’re not very tall, only about knee high.

Jr Sunflower

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