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Fall Garden

What about now by Chris Daughtry It has been raining a lot lately, very gloomy and things seem very depressing no matter where you turn. As for most businesses in our area, they're thriving, many are focusing on cost cutting rather than revenue generating since it's a hopeless situation to bring in more business.  It's… Continue reading Fall Garden

Dad's Garden

Cucumbers Galor at my Dad’s Garden

Just to update my sisters on my dad's garden, my oldest sister wouldn't be needing to see these pictures since she is here visiting with us this weekend, she is looking at the real garden. This is my second sister's old fishpond, she has it sat in the back yard to raise her water lily… Continue reading Cucumbers Galor at my Dad’s Garden

My Garden

The Fruit of My Labor

I know this is the proudest moment for me to be able to finally harvest some vegetables from my garden, it has been very rewarding thus far. My first water lily in bloom.  I'll be visiting Biltmore today and can't wait to see their water lily. My Water Hyacinth is spreading rapidly, looks very healthy… Continue reading The Fruit of My Labor