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Camping at Green Mountain Park

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/40056546 w=515&h=290] Click here to watch this video on YouTube When my oldest sister visited during Christmas we wanted to take her camping at Green Mountain Park but they were closed for the Winter, and we ended up camping by the lake instead. This place used to be for members only, but now it is… Continue reading Camping at Green Mountain Park


The November Blues

This is an assignment from Scott Thomas Photography, Assignment 4: November.  You are welcome to participate, I think it would be interesting to see what November means to you. The month of November made me think of Chrysanthemum flowers, this picture was taken at Biltmore Estate last Sunday. But what November means to me is… Continue reading The November Blues

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From Tiger Woods Look a Like to a Person Under Suspicion

Meet Bo, he is 100 percent Lao.  When we were living in our old neighborhood, the neighborhood kids used to call him Tiger Woods, he would try to correct them, ‘If I were Tiger Woods, would I be living in this neighborhood?’ But still, when ever they saw him walking Teddy, they would say ‘Hey… Continue reading From Tiger Woods Look a Like to a Person Under Suspicion