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My Dad’s Garden June 11, 2011

[vimeo w=515&h=290] I uploaded my video in HD format, if you have a slow internet connection please watch in Youtube. My Young Unicyclists post was promoted to Freshly Pressed on over the weekend so it has been crazy around here lately but things are back to normal now. If you noticed, Lee and I… Continue reading My Dad’s Garden June 11, 2011

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Lotus or Water Lily at Biltmore

In Buddhism, the lotus is one of the Eight Auspicious Symbols and one of the most poignant representations of Buddhist teaching. The roots of a lotus are in the mud, the stem grows up through the water, and the heavily scented flower lies pristinely above the water, basking in the sunlight. This pattern of growth… Continue reading Lotus or Water Lily at Biltmore

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Small Garden in Mid June

This post is for my oldest sister. Dad’s garden is looking very good, comparing to last week, this week many of his vegetables are in bloom, and some even bear fruits or should it be called vegetables. Second sister child proof her fishpond, in preparing for the little nieces coming for July 4th week. Little… Continue reading Small Garden in Mid June