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Saturday Random Photos

The day of the super moon that everyone had been telling me about, the morning was promising that we might have a clear sky Saturday night. I got up early to go to a T-shirt sales from one of the manufacturing companies in Maiden, all T-shirts were selling for $1 to $3 each.  I think… Continue reading Saturday Random Photos

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Chicken Update September 6, 2010

It is 23 going into 24 weeks and the hens are laying about 2 dozen eggs per day now. Bo's Americana hens are laying more bluish eggs than before. This one has a strange color, not sure which hen laid this egg. The Lao mortal is still a favorite drinking fountain for many chicken. They… Continue reading Chicken Update September 6, 2010

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Chicken Update August 17, 2010

21 weeks and Bo's Americana hens finally lay some eggs. Bo and Lee visited his mom yesterday and bought home a tray of fresh laying eggs.  Between his mom's Black Star hens, Rhode Island Red hens and Bo's Americana hens, they lay 12 eggs per day now.  Bo's Americana hens lay the greenish eggs below… Continue reading Chicken Update August 17, 2010