McAdenville Christmas Town USA

I couldn't believe that we have a Christmas Town USA close by, I decided to keep the original sounds in the video instead of replacing it with the holiday music. Click here to watch this video on Youtube McAdenville is a small textile town, with several plants located in town, and several on the outskirts.  … Continue reading McAdenville Christmas Town USA

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Saturday Random Photos

Bruce Springsteen - Santa Claus is Coming to Town It's kind of odd to see the seagulls Ring-billed  Gulls at a shopping mall when we are miles away from any lake and not to mention the ocean. They are a few that perched on top of the street lamp post. And hanging out by the… Continue reading Saturday Random Photos


Biltmore Christmas Lights 2010

My first attempt in time-lapse photography and it didn't go as smooth as I had hoped. I had a lot of distraction at the beginning and this was my first time shooting in Manual Mode.  Time-lapse photography is a cinematography technique whereby each film frame is captured at a rate much slower than it will… Continue reading Biltmore Christmas Lights 2010