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My Garden May 10, 2012

We were fortunate to have good rainfalls and thank goodness the April frosts didn’t do any damage to my young plants.

Lee was busy digging away.

The look on her face when she saw her bird house.

I don’t know who is trying to build a nest.  It is a lot of stuff trying to fit into a small little house.

I made a trellis for the snow peas two weeks ago and it is made from crape myrtle branches that Bo cut down before the Spring of this year.  As you can see the crape myrtle tree in the background and the new branches look healthy.

It looks like they are climbing pretty well now, but I had to train the vines to climb at the beginning.

I have never planted pole beans before and I think they need to climb also.

I’m also training the grape vines to climb and will need to make a trellis for the climbing spinach vines soon.

My mom used to plant the spinach vines at the refugee camp in Thailand and it is called pak plunge in Thai.

I planted these pickle cucumbers from seeds, they should be climbing the A-Frame in a week  or so.  It is amazing how fast they grow.

Chili pepper plant.

These are my second batch of radishes and I put them down in time when the ground was still cool.  They are fast growing and should be ready to harvest in a  month or so.

I do love basil and planted many this year.

I planted this one in a pot and a good thing about it is that you could move it around.

More Thai basil in pots.

I think it must be the rain that made everything grow so fast. I couldn’t believe how big my cherry tomato plants have gotten.

The mints and pennyworth plants.

My gardenia plants are budding.

My blueberry plants look promising this year. I just hope that the birds will save some for us.

I would not take my chance in eating these mushrooms.

I was hoping to take a few exposures of the birds. I sat and waited and waited, and they flew right by.

The fish are so happy with the new waterfall.

Lee’s white and silver Butterfly Koi has gotten a lot bigger this year.

Bo’s ginkgo tree.

The peach tree bears many fruits this year.

Bo’s walking path is almost completed.  He still has to fill in the gaps with sands, and so far it’s looking real good.

All photos were taken with Canon T2i, and EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM lens.

My Garden

Planting Season

I finally have most of my vegetables planted, including the banana trees that you see here. They are calling for rain in the next couple of days, this will help the young plants.

It is sitting back and relax for Lee.

Her strawberry plants are doing very well.

They are so beautiful and look so healthy, not long before strawberry picking season.

And more blueberries.

I planted my grape tomato plants and Thai eggplants in the lettuce bed, by the time these plants get big, the lettuces will be long gone.  I have to say, there is nothing like fresh lettuce, and they’re doing so well during the cooler months.

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You Can’t be Great by Yourself

When I heard the phrase ‘You can’t be great by yourself,’ I thought he actually has a point.  He went on and said even the greatest inventor needs expertees to test out his inventions, of course he needs someone that he can trust, the one that won’t steal his ideas.  Right…sounds to me like an ideal world or the Internet world where people share information and everyone is happy.

Of course, in a real business world, there is no such thing as trust anymore, even amongst friends or business associates, it’s wised to require a Non-Disclosure Agreements that parties agree not to disclose confidential information, even this is not guaranteed that your information is safe, someone might try to create the same application but alter it slightly and can get away with it, it’s a dog-eat-dog world we’re living in, the last couple of months has proved that for me.

I seem to be running into this type of people more and more this day, trying to take credit that is not theirs, twisting my words around, what ever happen to teamwork effort?  I heard on the radio a while back that the number 1 word that Americans like to use is a curse word, some might use as many as 100 times per day, shocked to hear this, such a  sailor mouth I thought to myself, and I didn’t understand at the time how can someone curse so much, now it all makes sense to me.  I think people need to focus less on the ‘ME!’ aspect, and more on the ‘WE’ as in teamwork.

I considered myself a very patient person, and here I have to keep telling myself to stay calm because time will take care of itself, and it has thus far.  Amongst all these stressful situations that I’ve to face, I’m still thankful that I’ve a loving family, Bo who is very supportive and understanding and Lee, a joy to be around and same with Max, a very happy dog, and of course, my garden, a place to sit and relax.

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