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Gmail Cool Theme

I started out using a hotmail account, my boss told me about it.  Back then, I was new to the World Wide Web, and hotmail sounds so iffy to me, especially if you are a female, but I gave it a try anyway and it was okay.  When I sign up to blog at, they wouldn’t accept my hotmail’s email address, so I had to sign up with Gmail.

I’ve been using Gmail for over 3 years now, and absolutely love it.  I think I communicate via email more than using my cell phone, I don’t do text at all, so not surprise if I check my email on a regular basis.  I had my Gmail setting on default theme forever, I didn’t even know that they have themes. This is my old setting.


I recently discover that they’ve theme, and I like this Mountains theme a lot.  For those that already know this (Yawn…Yawn!), I know you think it’s cool also.  This is my new Gmail setting.


Updated 6/5/2009: Another one that I also like is the beach theme, and what is so cool about this is that the picture changes, and it gets darker at night, and it appears to reflect my time zone, so it rise and shine in the morning.


They’ve so many themes to choose from.


I like checking my email a lot more now, but don’t email me anything that would give me a headache…Please.