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Biltmore Garden in November

Again, we didn't get to tour the town of Asheville, North Carolina.  This is a charming little town where time seems to stand still, as you can see that even McDonald looks retro. This made me think of Luang Prabang, Laos where modernization has not touched but embraced what's already there, below is a photo… Continue reading Biltmore Garden in November


Water: The Two Colors River

When I read about a photo assignment at Scott Thomas Photography of the topic Water, I immediately thought of the two colors river in Laos.  Scott said that “Water is unique in that it can be a solid, a liquid and a gas. Water moves, stands still, creates and destroys,”  this is so true.  As… Continue reading Water: The Two Colors River

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Lao Boun Souang Heua (Lao Long Boat Racing)

This is a related post of Ork Punsa and Thot Kathin that I wrote in August 2007. Boun Souang Heua is a part of Lao tradition for many generations, but most younger generations forget as to why we celebrate the festive event, and it might be that the event of Dragon Boat Racing is internationally… Continue reading Lao Boun Souang Heua (Lao Long Boat Racing)

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My Aunt’s Flooded Rice Paddy in Laos

Bouangeun-Kou Lap Paksan (Paksan Rose) I received a phone call from my cousin yesterday morning, it was a pleasant surprise, all the way from Paksan, Laos. I mailed my Aunt some pictures and my cousin called to tell me that her mom received the package.  This was the second time that I sent her pictures,… Continue reading My Aunt’s Flooded Rice Paddy in Laos