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Favorites Photography – April Photo Hunt

This is my contribution to Karma’s When I Feel Like It Blog’s April Photo Hunt. This month's hunt is to get to know us a little bit better, and she has two objectives in this month’s choice: 1) to give you a creative spark and 2) to find out more about you! Karen is asking… Continue reading Favorites Photography – April Photo Hunt

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Camping at Green Mountain Park

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/40056546 w=515&h=290] Click here to watch this video on YouTube When my oldest sister visited during Christmas we wanted to take her camping at Green Mountain Park but they were closed for the Winter, and we ended up camping by the lake instead. This place used to be for members only, but now it is… Continue reading Camping at Green Mountain Park

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Long Tail Comets and 7 Month Old Jack Dempsey Fry

Correction notice: The video should read Long Tail Comets and not Butterfly Koi Click here to view this video on YouTube I finally have a chance to do a video of my sister's Butterfly Koi long tail comets.  She gave us 2 long tail Comets, 1 Koi and a few Comets after her pump died… Continue reading Long Tail Comets and 7 Month Old Jack Dempsey Fry