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This is one of the coldest winters and we had our first snowfall for 2018 yesterday. We got more than expected and didn’t have to go to work so I’m out and about photographing the snow.

The chicken and ducks are cold and they have to be well-fed to keep their bodies warm, they also fly back and forth to keep their bodies warm.

The snowfall overnight and made the net very heavy.

The ducks don’t mind staying outside in the cold, but I’m sure they can’t wait for Spring and warm weather to arrive.

The chickens stay inside the cope and only come out to eat.

I’m happy to see the snow but can’t wait to work in the garden again.

Max loves playing in the snow, and I enjoyed a day off from work. I went back to work today, the road was treacherous in the morning especially the secondary roads that were packed with ice. The drive home was not so bad, most roads were cleared.

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Backyard Chickens and Ducks Run

The last time we visited the zoo Bo talked about raising exotic birds, and having it fenced with bird netting to keep the wild animals out. Obviously we couldn’t do it at our old house and at that time I thought it would be great living in the country and having a little petting zoo of our own. Once we moved here, I knew I wanted to raise chickens for eggs and had no idea that Bo was going to raise ducks. I don’t think it was part of the plan. Bo has a friend that wanted to get rid of his Muscovy ducks and Bo bought all 13 ducks back in December of last year. Then we had several ducklings hatched and we probably have close to 100 ducks now. They obviously need a bigger place, and it took a while to put this together, and mainly because of the lack of time. We finally had it done over the 3 days Memorial Day weekend. Bo and I did the fencing, and my dad and sister helped putting up the netting and the door.

The chickens and ducks run is about 30 ft wide x 80 ft long. It’s a 6 foot fence and the bird netting is pulled up by the cable that’s inspired by the zip line that I saw at the Xtreeme Challenge.

These are the 2nd generation Muscovy ducks and Bo got them when they were little ducklings back in February. He had 2 batches that hatched after this  Not all the ducks have moved to the new run yet, some are still at the old duckpins and he has the Indian runner ducks, and Mallards that need to be moved.

Bo didn’t buy all the ducks, some were given to him by stanger and co-worker. He picked up 4 ducklings at someone’s house because their kids don’t want them after Easter, they got his number from Tractor Supply that he visits on a regular basis. One of them is the white Pecking duck in the picture below. Last weekend his co-worker called and asked him to pickup her Grandma’s ducks, she had 5 that she couldn’t care for anymore. They arrived on Monday and seemed happy at their new home.

I have a few chickens that Bo purchased from the Statesville stock sales.

I was skepticle at first if chicken and ducks can live together in the same run and they seem happy together. They eat the same food, and share water so it works out great for Bo. We will have to move the remaining ducks in the next week or so.

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Country Living Update

It has been a year since we moved to the country, and my garden is coming together slowly. Last weekend I cleared the path to the garden, it must have been 20 years worth of leaves that were at least half a foot high. There are trashes and building materials left over from the previous owner that we need to clean up also.

The freedom of living in the country is to be able to raise animals, and Bo has a couple dozen ducks so far. The previous owner had a small fenced in area that he is currently using to house his ducks, and they have outgrown their living area. I like to raise chickens and will be getting my chicken coop soon.