Danny Bunyavong in the Macy’s Glamorama

This sounds like a fun event to be a part of, Danny Bunyavong has been in the Twin Cities MN for a week now rehearsing for the Macy’s Glamorama fashion shows.  This charity event will benefit Children’s Cancer Research Fund, and it’s this Friday, August 14, 2009 at 8 PM.  The guest performers will be Ne-Yo, Kristinia DeBarge, and the New Standards.  Danny will be a part of the fashion shows, taking the catwalk stage as one of the runway models and the confirmed designers that will be Marc Jacobs, Jean Paul Gaultier, Sonia Rykiel, Just Cavalli, Sportmax, Maxmara and CNC Costume National.  I know I can’t be there, but would love to watch the program on TV, I heard that it’ll be aired in the Twin Cities.

Description of the event,
A fashion and entertainment extravaganza that fuses famed musical headliners with the latest in fashion couture. Style, music, art and cuisine come together for this unique evening featuring the fusion of colors, patterns, textures, shapes and trends. City sophisticate, punk princess and the classic cowboy harmoniously come together for a stylishly chic scene.

Elephant Parade Rotterdam

I want to thank TENPA, at Digital Tibetan Buddhist Altar for posting an intro to my blog; it’s such an honor for me. I’m learning about Buddhism as I’m writing, if there’s any misconception of my understanding of Buddhism, please do advice.

I’ve been following Darly’s postings on her elephant hunt, she is so lucky to have lived in Rotterdam, the Netherlands and able to see the elephant parade while some of us could only see it in photos. I love elephant and collect anything that’s related to elephant.

My first counter with real live elephants was when I attended elementary school in Thailand, we had school event called Vanh Dek, or children’s day and we had a soccer game with the baby elephant, and I’m not sure who won, us or the baby elephant, but one thing for sure, the baby elephant can really kick the soccer ball. I also sat on the mommy elephant’s trunk; she formed it into a U shape. I was about 8 years old at the time.

Elephant Parade Rotterdam takes place from September 1 until November 17 2007. It is an initiative of Marc and Mike Spits (father and son), it’s a worldwide event created to make people aware of the fact that in Asia elephants are an endangered species, which supports the elephant through the sale and auction of Elephant Parade products, and create awareness for elephants through the Elephant Parade. Its mission is to help save the elephants; a world without elephants is unimaginable but can become reality.

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Preschool Gives Children Fresh Start

This is an interesting article from my local newspaper.

Nonprofit raises money to support education centers in remote, poverty-stricken areas of Laos.


By Jennifer Menster, record staff writer

Dori Shimoda went to northern Laos with intentions of backpacking through remote villages. He came back from his December 1999 trip with a newly discovered life project.

Out of Shimoda’s desire and passion to help children, Give Children a Choice was up and running by 2002. The nonprofit raises money to build preschools in poverty-stricken areas in Laos.

Give Children A Choice has completed 15 preschools since 2003. The preschools have one to three classrooms and bathrooms. The nonprofit also provides teachers’ salaries, where necessary, and equipment, such as desks, cabinets, books, playground equipment and mats for napping. All preschool tuition is free.

The nonprofit also launched a hygiene and immunization program in 2006, believing that healthier children are better learners, says Debbie Davis, executive director of Giving Children A Choice. The organization provides health fairs as part of the preschool opening, offering health and hygiene education, free medical checkups and childhood vaccinations.

“We do this because we feel every child deserves an opportunity,” Davis said. “Many wouldn’t have that opportunity if we didn’t help out.”

The Organization’s next project is building a preschool for a Hmong village called Na Nan Village. There are approximately 75 preschool-aged children in the village. Donations help make the organization possible. To learn more or make a donation, visit givechildrenachoice.org