Backyard Chicken Coop

Backyard Chicken Coop

From my previous post, I uncovered some building materials in my backyard while racking the leaves that we could use to build a chicken coop. Bo hired one of his friends to build and it took him 2 weekends to get it done. He was able to use the wood for the base, and metal roof. We bought the rest of the materials for him. The land was sloped and he had to make sure it’s leveled first.

It’s a custom chicken coop where you can open the nesting boxes from the outside, there are nesting boxes on both sides. This is the front and the venting window has a flap to open and close. He was going to put a plexiglass at first but Bo didn’t want the roosters to crow too early in the morning.

The back of the chicken coop the window slides open for venting and the nesting boxes can be opened from outside also.


The builder laid a plastic lining on the floor for easy cleaning and this is a view of the nesting boxes from inside the coop.


There are doors on both sides.


We have to put up fencing for the outdoor run. We’ve never raised the chicken and ducks together and not sure how they will get along. If they can get along then we will do one long outdoor run for the chicken and ducks.