Snow in North Carolina

It snowed overnight and due to the warm weather, it melted by noon time.

I went out to photograph while it was still snowing early this morning.

No flowers were harmed by the snow.

As for the animals, I’m glad the snow laid on top of the net. The chickens and ducks were dried this morning.

It looked like a white tent from a distance.


    • Thanks,I’ve never heard of the term before. We don’t get much snow around here and get excited when we get a few inch, this time is less than an inch.

  1. It seems lovely to have 4 seasons… even with a light dusting of snow must be nice. All the photos are so beautiful, especially love the tulip tree.

    • Hi Bree, I do enjoy the 4 seasons, the weather here is mild and I love it when we get snow. The kids loved it because they don’t have school.

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