Certainly Early Spring Here

Perhaps it might be 6 more weeks of winter up North, but certainly not in North Carolina. Regardless of the groundhog’s forecasting being right or wrong, it’s still very interesting to watch and I’m rooting for early Spring. It’s a lot warmer during the day here but still very cold at night.

I guess the winter cabbages/vegetables don’t count for an early sign of Spring but it’s pretty and I couldn’t resist taking the pictures.

The ducks are ready for Spring, the water is a bit cold right now and they’ll enjoy swimming in the pond more once the weather gets warmer.

The heating lamp comes in handy during the cold nights, especially for the young ducks that don’t have full feathers to keep them warm.

The hens and ducks start laying eggs again, it was far and few during the winter months. The past few weeks we had enough to give fresh eggs to my dad and sisters. As of right now we have 60+ chickens and ducks.


  1. Wow, even in the winter the place looks so lively! Would you consider this a “hobby” farm? I’ve been really interested in having a hobby farm, but I don’t think I can do that living in California. Maybe someday when I move out of here! 🙂

    • I would say it’s a hobby farm, at first Bo wanted to raise exotic birds and I don’t think his ducks and chickens are considered exotic. I like to add more animals but don’t think we have enough time to care for them right now. We do have to fence in the pound area for the ducks.

      The land in our area is not expensive. We are looking to purchase the 5 Acres next door to us, this way we won’t have a neighbor near the ducks.

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