Catawba Falls

It has been a while since we went camping, and I’ve been wanting to camp near the waterfalls. This time we camped at Catawba Falls Campground near Catawba Falls and it’s within a half mile walking distance from the campground.Catawba Falls is located in Pisgah National Forest property near Old Fort, NC and it’s a 2 miles hike.

This bridge was completed in July of this year, I could imagine how difficult it was to get to the Falls having to cross the river on stepping stones.

There are several lower falls along the way. I bought my tripod with me to capture the longer shutter speed that blurs the moving water, and having to hike with camera gears wearing flip flops was not ideal.

I never thought that we would get to the big Falls, the path kept going up hills.

It’s well worth the hike.

This was from the top of the falls.

On the way down was a lot faster and I have more time to admire nature.