Over Ridiculously Priced Pair of Rainbow Sandals Update

I wrote a post Over Ridiculously Priced Pair of Rainbow Sandals back in July 2007 and  it has been my second most popular posts. I feel guilty that I didn’t offer any review but mostly ranting about the price of the Rainbow sandals, and calculating the cost value like most bean counters do. If you were to ask me today the investment was well worth it.

I was skeptical at the time but made my purchase anyway. I visited Laos and Thailand a year later and took my Rainbow sandals with me and absolutely loved it. It’s so comfortable to wear and I haven’t found any sandals as comfortable as the Rainbow sandals. Since I was the beginner photographer at the time, I didn’t have many photos of myself wearing the Rainbow sandals except for this one at Patuxay Monument in Vientiane, Laos. This photo was taken by a fellow tourist, can’t say that he knew my camera better than me at the time but I’m thankful for the photo.

As you can see that I wore it so much that I left a footprint, this photo was taken at one of the temples in Thailand.

It is a custom to take off your shoes before entering the temple.

This year I bought myself a second pair of the Rainbow sandals and absolutely love it.


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