New Garden

This garden has been abandoned for at least 10 years, just standing here I could see that back then it was a simple country garden with rows of corn and vegetables. I like the idea of having a simple garden, when I came to see the house a year ago I never expected that the property has a small garden in the backyard.

The path was covered with leaves, and I feel so much better being able to see the path to the garden now.

So far I’ve planted two persimmon trees that I purchased from Wat Lao Buddhavong in Virginia last summer.

I’m seeing a few buds on the tree, and hopefully it’ll produce fruits this year.

It’s still cold at night in our area, I think this will be the last week of frost and I’ll be able to plant the vegetables this weekend.

I purchased the lemongrass stalks from the Asian market and soaking them in water to grow roots.

The backyard has been a dumping ground for the previous owners, and through the piles of left over building materials I found a pile of old reclaimed barn wood. I was surprised to see this, not sure what to do with it yet. Some people use this to build a kitchen island to create the rustic look, or old farm table. I do love rustic furniture, but by the look of this, it’s a bit too rustic for me.

I found a dozen sheets of left over metal roof, building posts, and treated wood that Bo can use to build his new duck barn. There’s still many more piles to go through but first I have to work in my garden.


  1. Persimmon is one of my best choice. Taste great and often a disease free plant. I’d use the wood to build a green house, but a chicken coop makes sense. There are many tropical plants I like to save when the winter comes around. The dome greenhouse is the cheapest way to get more volume per material. Inspired by the humanitarian genius Buckminster Fuller, I’ll be making a dome garden one day. It could be used as a sun room, free from insect bites on a lazy cold day. Watch this simple dome Domes could be made of bamboo or whatever you have around.

    • I’ve been buying Persimmons, so hope to pick them right from my own backyard. It would be nice to have a greenhouse, the winter gets pretty cold in our area and will need heating to keep them warm. I’ve been housing the tropical plants in the garage during the winter months, and move them back outside in the Spring.

      The dome is a neat idea, I saw people made it into tiny home, and real neat how all the kitchen furniture curve with the shape of the dome. I admire those that can live in a tiny house, it is a truly “less is more” .

      • Hello Nye, I love your blog, very exciting and educational. My name is Irene and a scholar and would like to have more info about the Khmer Buddhist temple. Do you have a email address or cell phone number where I can reach you? I also went to the New Year’s celebration last Sunday. It was amazing. I really appreciate all your help. Thanks again!

        • Hi Irene, thank you for visiting my blog. I received your email several weeks back but didn’t have the opportunity to reply. My knowledge is very limited and had to do research just to write a blog post for the temple. I’m the temple photographer, and you can use my photos for your paper. The head monk can speak English well, even gave speeches at the University in the past and he might be able to help you better. His name is Phramaha Somsak Sambimb and the temple’s phone number is 336-272-6297.

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