Country Living Update

It has been a year since we moved to the country, and my garden is coming together slowly. Last weekend I cleared the path to the garden, it must have been 20 years worth of leaves that were at least half a foot high. There are trashes and building materials left over from the previous owner that we need to clean up also.

The freedom of living in the country is to be able to raise animals, and Bo has a couple dozen ducks so far. The previous owner had a small fenced in area that he is currently using to house his ducks, and they have outgrown their living area. I like to raise chickens and will be getting my chicken coop soon.



  1. Country living is perfect except for one thing. Ticks. All chickens will eat ticks.  But the noisy guinea hens are especially good at it. But you’ll have to fence off an entire area for the roaming chickens. ..which is another hassle.

    Deer carry ticks, I’ve read somewhere that you’ve mentioned seeing a dear. Just be on the lookout – pull your socks over your pant legs. You could loose your home from the treatment costs alone or sentenced to a life of misery if you ever get bit and infected. Check out this video for 7 facts.

    Do you have a tick kit?
    1. Fine point tweezers or tick remover.
    2. Alcohol, DMSO, Oregano oil.

    I would use DMSO to carry oregano oil into the bite area after it’s plucked. But remember, you won’t even know you’ve been bitten because some of the bugs will appear like dust. I know someone close who screams in pain for weeks at a time from the migraine symptoms. Tragic. 😦

    • Hi Zeddicus, it’s good to hear from you. Last year was real bad in our area, we had to check Max for ticks every time he went outside. We have the tick kit, it comes in handy when we need it. I actually saw a few deer in my front yard this year, I will have to eventually fence off my garden area otherwise I’m sure it’ll disappear overnight. The chickens and ducks will have to be fenced off also, it’s a hassle but safe for the animals. We just have to be careful living out here and thanks for the link to the video.

      • Glad to see that you’re one of the few popular Asian bloggers that keep their blog lit. It helps us readers peer into your family’s well being without being called ‘nosy.’

        Lyme disease are more likely to be targeting female. A good kit should at least contain “Thieves oil.” I believe they contain:

        Clove Essential Oil
        Lemon Essential Oil 
        Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil
        Balsam Copaiba Oil 
        Lavendar Oil
        Rosemary Essential Oil 
        Peppermint Oil 
        Artemesia Oil 
        Tagetes Oil
        Oregano Oil 
        Black Cumin Oil

        Don’t apply oregano oil alone on any insect bites. They leave a permanent black scar. They leave a reminder you want to forget.

        Taking Thieves oil is a alternative to or with modern medicine. If for some reason modern medicine refuses to treat you. Because if not treated continuously for two months the bugs go deep inside you then forms a bio-film (or shield) against any medicine.

        Make a Chest high Wader Boots. Then, I don’t know, spray essential oils or Permethrin on it before one go tend the flocks. That’s what I’ll wear for insurance. Look up “how to make tick tubes.” I even sleep in a sleeping fleece bag to stop night bites and it works. Lyme is very serious yet they’re not publicizing it enough.

        • I don’t know about being one of the few popular Asian bloggers, I fell bad that I didn’t have that much time blogging in the last years or so, life had been so hectic for me but it’s looking much better now. I’m living a more simpler life, I blogged about it not too long ago but didn’t think that it’s obtainable. I think visiting people’s blog is like visiting their homes or gardens, and sometimes they are not home or they have moved. 🙂

          I had a tick bite on my leg two years ago camping at the temple in VA and it left a black scar till this day. I was lucky that it didn’t carry a Lyme disease. As for me, sweat attracts the mosquitoes and ticks, I sprayed myself with the insects repellent to be able to work in the garden. I swear just talking about it makes me itch.

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