Our Fixer Upper

We bought a fixer upper in March and the last 5 months’ weekends have been working on the house. This house is a lot smaller than our previous home so we have furniture that we don’t know what to do with. It’s still packed in the basement, garage and some still at the old house that’s still on the market.

This is an A-frame home and an open concept living space. The living, dinning and kitchen is one big room, it is a new concept to me and it takes some getting used to. We sanded and stained the hardwood floor and hired a painter to paint this room since the ceiling is too high for me to try to tackle.

The loft is above the kitchen and outside the master bedroom. We removed the carpet in the bedrooms and installed hardwood floor.

The loft has the best view of the house.

The office was the last room to complete, and back in June I was thrilled to get Internet. Our house sat over 400 feet from the road and our previous Internet carrier turned us down because it’s too far from the road, they only do less than 300 feet. They could do it for additional $3,500 construction fee, and at this point I thought we would never get Internet. Then our current carrier agreed to give it a try but we would have to bury the cable ourselves since it’s gravel road. We agreed and didn’t know what we got ourselves into. It’s not easy digging the gravel road and it’s still a work in progress.

It’s nice to have an office again.

This room is extremely small but plenty of room for my books and magazines. This is one of the bedrooms that we turned into an office, which means we don’t have a guest bedroom.

The next project is working in the garden, and I’m glad the weather is a lot cooler now.

2 thoughts on “Our Fixer Upper”

  1. Hi Nye, so glad to see things are coming together now! Digging gravel sounds like a nightmare. And you guys sure put some “sweat equity” in this new place.

    As I look at my home state of California, it seems many people are living in excess without a care about each other or Mother Nature. People continue to drive gas guzzlers, purchase big homes – then go shopping to fill their closet or homes with more stuff. In reality a simpler and carefully crafted life is much more rewarding. 😉

    Good luck on your garden plans and keep us posted! – Bree

    1. Hi Bree, sometimes I wonder what I got us into, but after seeing the light bill of us living at the new house being less than the light bill of an empty house that is up for sale really put things into perspective for me. Lee is adjusting well to her new school, and Max loves the big wooded lot. It’s cooler now so I’m looking forward to working in the garden, hope it’ll take shape and form by Spring. 🙂

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