Country Living

These photos were taken 3 weeks ago, things look a lot different now. It has been a month since we closed on this new house, and the goal was to put the current house on the market before the first payment of this new house. I don’t know if we would meet the deadline, we only have a few days left.

It has been busy, at this point I don’t know if I’m coming or going. We have not moved, I think we are trying to do too many things at one time. The new house is a fixer upper and it needs a lot of work. The previous owner is an artist so all the rooms are extremely vibrant, and it’s certainly too bold for me. I haven’t decide if I want to keep the art work in this bathroom wall. I still have a few weeks to decide.

As much as I love the doe and its fawn in this bathroom wall, when it’s time to make a decision we did paint over it. It took 4 coats to cover the image.

The carpet was in bad shape, we had to pull up all the carpet in the bedrooms and Bo will be putting down hardwood floor. I had nightmares about the wall paper, kind of surprised me that it’s not as hard to remove as I thought. This room was painted last week, one room down and a few more rooms to go.

Spring came and gone and I’m glad I took these photos.

This will be the new home for the fish pond, and it’s going to be a busy weekend for Bo trying to expand the existing pound and move the fish.

The land in our area is not as expensive as other parts of the country, so this place has plenty of space to roam around.

This is my new garden. It looks like it has been abandoned for many years. There’s a water spigot and a spot light to garden at night I’m guessing.

One of our neighbors is a farm, it’s great that they are not too close and not too far.


  1. In California, we would have to win the lotto to live like that… JK. It looks very peaceful and serene. Especially love the woodsy outdoor and distance from neighbors.

    The artwork is really cute… good thing you can photograph it for memory sake and then paint over it. 😉

    • The land is like gold in CA, I’ve always dreamed of living out there, but now I know it’s only a dream. 🙂

      I think I’ll keep the yellow room artwork, it’s actually grown on me but I have to tune down the yellow tone, it’s too vibrant for me. The outdoor space is great, with so many trees it made me think of back home in Thailand/Laos.

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