Halloween 2014

Every year our neighborhood transforms into Halloween town, but this year it started to drizzle, then rain so we had less tricker treaters than normal. Lee dressed as a skeleton this year, the handcuffs was a bit confusing to me.

She did her own makeup.

I don’t think the orange rope was a part of the Halloween decoration, and surprisingly many people use it this year.

Bo dressed as Iron man, and the kids loved him.

This is the first year Bo had left over candies. The rain made it inconvenience to photograph, but not impossible. I hope you all have a safe Halloween.

2 thoughts on “Halloween 2014”

  1. Halloween has become a big event here in Denmark in recent years also (when I was a kid Halloween was not in Denmark!)
    And Lee has grown much higher – but is still a beautiful girl!

    1. Thanks Truels, Lee has grown so much in the last 2 years but still a kid at heart. It’s interesting to see people celebrating Halloween, of course different parts of the world call it different.

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