Hickory Oktoberfest 2014

It’s hard to believe it’s October already. We went to the Hickory Oktoberfest tonight, and it started to drizzle.

Lee will turn 13 this month, but she is still a kid at heart.

Panning is one of my favorite photography techniques, and shooting panning during the blue hour I had to shoot at 1/15 second at f/18, ISO10,000.

This one has image noise shooting at 1/25 second at f/18, ISO16,000.

What they said about the blue hour is true, whether cloudy, rain or shine you will be able to photograph the blue hour. It started to drizzle when I took this image around 7 pm.

Some people go to Oktoberfest for the food, as for Lee she is the cheeseburger, french fries type of girl.

The new art piece Sails on the square is ideal for sheltering from the rain.