Incubator Chicks Update

The chicks are over 2 weeks old now, and last Sunday Bo delivered them to his mom. The photos below were taken at 2 day old, only 25 of the 41 eggs hatched survived. The bathroom/tub is not an ideal place to hatch and raise them, I have noticed that I had gotten sick the last few times during the first week after they hatched. It must be bad ventilating, plus allergy season this time. I had a bad case of bronchitis. I would love for us to have a little barn/lab to hatch them, something to consider down the road.

Taken at 4 day old.

Taken at 10 day old

These below were taken last Sunday at 2 week old right before they went home. I thought we would keep them longer but they started flying out of the tub, it’s really a sight to see.

This little rooster started to fight back, it must be a born instinct.

This was their transport cage, they didn’t mind going in there at all.

We finally have our bathroom back for now, not sure when we will hatch the next batch.


    • Bo went to visit them last weekend and he said they have grown so much since I took these photos. I can’t wait to photograph them again.

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