New Spring Chicks

Bo’s mom gave him 41 eggs about 3 weeks ago to hatch since the last batch of incubator hatching chicks in September of last year was a success. Our bathroom became a place where we place the incubator.

The temperature has to be a consistency of around 100 Fahrenheit, the eggs started hatching so Bo added water to add moisture for the hatching environment.

The first egg hatched on Sunday, it still amazes me to witness the chick kicking and coming out of its shell.

Bo hand rotated the eggs.

The second chick looks healthy.

Bo uses a red bulb heating lamp this time, and heat lamp works great for giving a warm and necessary environment to baby chicks.  They will be living in the cardboard box/bath tub for 4 weeks before we could transport them to Bo’s mom chicken farm.

So far 25 of the 41 eggs hatched.  There are a few more that will hatch, and some are not fertile eggs so they won’t hatch at all.

Even though their moms are not here, but I think it’s comforting to see many baby chicks around.

At this stage they pretty much just eat, poop and sleep.


    • cn, they looked so fragile the first 30 minute, it’s definitely a heartwarming experience to bring little lives into this world. I only wish we could keep them as pets.

  1. Hatch them dry next time. You’ll get a better hatch rate. Meaning don’t add any water to your incubator at all throughout the process. When I started hatching dry I had almost 100% hatch rate. When I hatched wet only 50% hatch rate. Try it next time.

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