Quails Calling

It has been about 3 weeks since I took these photos of the quails. They live outside and have heating lamp to keep them warm at night. Ideally I think we need to live in a farm, I started looking last year but couldn’t get Bo and Lee sold on the idea that living in an old farm house with lots of acreage is better than living in the city limit.

One of Bo’s friends gave him 2 more mature quails and they lay eggs. I think the ones that he hatched in November of last year started laying eggs also, he collects about 3-4 eggs per day now.

We have 8 quails total, there’s plenty of room to roam around since this cage could comfortable house 80 quails. When Bo was younger he had about 80 quails, and had to let them go when he went off to college. It must be a sight to see them take off and fly away.

This is the reason why I think we need to live in a farm, Bo purchased 2 more Gamble quails by mail. I’ve never heard of a mail order bird before, only heard of a mail order bride, and not sure if it worked the same way as the bird. They came from Auburn, California and it took 2 days to get to North Carolina by Express Mail.Ā  The shipping charge was $46. The post office called last Friday morning for us to go pickup the package, it’s amazing how they had traveled in this cardboard box for 2 days.

They had food and water inside. I was at work so I didn’t get to see them until I got home that evening.

They are timid, and ran back and forth trying to hide from me.

This looks very masculine comparing to the drapes that I sewn for the hatching quails in December. It’s obvious that I couldn’t and don’t want to take credit for this one. Bo thought it would be out of sight, out of mind for Max but I’m not so sure.

This is a picture of max I took tonight, he was extremely curious when he heard the quails calling.

I think they feel more at home now and sleep on a roost.Ā  It’s so interesting to see them do quail calling, Bo turned on a youtube video of quail calling, and they quail calling back.

The one on the left hand side is a female, and right hand side is a male Gamble quail. These photos were taken late at night, with low lighting, so there’s some digital noise.

The male Gamble quail is colorful and a lot more prettier than the female Gamble quail. This made me think of a Thai Proverb, “Chicken are beautiful because of their feathers, women are beautiful because of their make-up.” It’s obvious that this male Gamble quail is a lot prettier than the female Gamble quail, this is what I call a natural beauty.

Now you see why I think we need to live in a farm, but Bo doesn’t know it yet.


  1. The gamble quails plumage really look beautiful, especially the male with its impressive crest! Dear Max – he’s so inquisitive. šŸ™‚

  2. Those are really pretty quails. The farm life would be perfect for all the little chicks! Maybe you can still have an urban backyard farm instead? I know a few suburban homes here have backyard chickens and mini orchard.

    • cn, it’s so odd that we live out in the Boonie but yet the neighborhood is so restricted, so far no complaint from the neighbor yet so it’s a good sign. It would be nice to have backyard chickens, I think people here are not as understanding as the people where you are. Most subdivisions in NC don’t allow livestock and sadly chicken is considered livestock.

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