More Snow

It has been a while since we had this much snow in North Carolina. It started yesterday afternoon, and within 1 hour of snowing we were sent home due to the treacherous road condition. The road was real bad, even though I have a four wheel drive small SUV I still had slight problem. I saw many vehicles went off the road, and some stranded.

Within 3-4 hours of snowing this is what it looks like.

Max loves the snow, as long as we are out there playing with him of course.

The quails are outside, Bo said that they should be okay since they are bird of feathers.

A view from my backyard.

This has to be Lee’s luckiest year, she gets to use her snowboard again this year.

This morning was still snowing and I didn’t have to go to work.  I can’t remember the last time they shut down the plant due to snow.

The neighborhood was real quiet in the early Am, but I see that someone ventured out.

The bumble bee that I took a picture of yesterday was practically covered with snow this morning.

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