Bo’s DIY Snow Plow

Bo finally get to use his DIY snow plow. I was skeptical when I saw it at first, he mounted the plow to his lawnmower.

He was thrilled that it worked so well.

Panning shots

I think it did a great job, we had almost a foot of snow.

2 thoughts on “Bo’s DIY Snow Plow

  1. Awesome device! Looks like so much fun. 🙂 I sometimes wish it snows in Australia like it does in the US, although our summer xmas holidays are quite wonderful. 🙂

    • Your winter is the opposite from us, and I guess it will take some getting used to celebrating Christmas in the summer month for us. I’m used to the extreme hot and cold weathers in the US, but I often wonder what it would feel like to live in a tropical country like Laos and Thailand all year round. I left there when I was too little, and it seems like a dream to me now.

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