Xieng Mieng: A Sticky Mess

I’m happy to be one of the backers for Nor Sanavongsay’s first children’s book Xieng Mieng, and so happy to receive my autographed copy shortly after Christmas.

A drawing of some of the backers, Lee couldn’t stop laughing when she saw a drawing of me.

The story of Xieng Mieng is dear to my heart, and I absolutely love the illustrations. My mom used to tell the story of Xieng Mieng to us when we were little, and I used to tell the story to Lee when she was little.  I guess you can say it’s a tradition for our family, and now the younger generation can read the story to their children. Lee is excited to see it in print.

You can get your copy from Amazon, about Xieng Mieng book: A Sticky Mess is the comedic origin story of one of the most beloved folk heroes of Laos. A young monk keeps getting in trouble with the head of the monastery who thinks the boy can’t do anything right. Finally, the young boy decides to turn the tables with the help of a chicken and a little bit of a sticky snack called mieng. What happens next has become the stuff of legend for over 600 years! This is the hilarious tale of cleverness and ingenuity for children aged four and up.

My niece also loved the book.

I’m so happy for Nor and hope to see more Lao American books from him.


    • Hi Theek, I hope your kids will like it, my daughter has always been fascinated with the Lao folktales. She’s a bit too old for the book now, but she’s fascinated that it’s a story of Xieng Mieng.

  1. I’ve admired Nor’s work and creative talents for years. The illustrations in the book look excellent. I’ve enjoyed the story of Xieng Mieng too – it’s such a classic, and this book would make a wonderful addition to all Lao family homes. 🙂

    • Hi Padaek, I used to check out his video clips several years back, and now seeing it in print is amazing. I would love to see the cartoon version of Xieng Mieng as well, perhaps it’s something that he would consider doing.

    • Hi seeharhed, since you don’t live too far from him might as well get a signed copy. It has been a while since you last updated your blog, I hope you still take photos. 🙂

  2. This is really nice! It would be extra nice if someone would donate a copy to their local library so more kids can read and share it. 🙂

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