NC Hmong New Year 2013-2014

I went to the NC Hmong New Year on Friday, it was cold and I ended up going by myself. It’s not as much fun being at an event that I can’t understand the language, and had no one to talk to. The good part was that I get to stay as long as I want, hope you will enjoy the photos.

Beauty pageant

Ball tossing contest



  1. Thank you for sharing of this. I like the hat that looked like a lamp shade best. They were all lovely beauty pageant. How do they decide when all are so lovely. No matter, I am homely girl, old woman and wish for you all happy New Year! Stay safe.

  2. I hope you had fun. We will be holding a Hmong new year down here in Southern California soon and I love when people from all cultures and religions stop by and check it out. 🙂

    • Hi samARAy, I had a great time and looking forward to the event every year. I bet the celebration in Southern California is a lot more fun and festive than in NC, I would love to visit one day. 🙂

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