Carolina Balloon Fest 2013

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The Carolina Balloon Fest was last month, and I finally have a chance to post the photos now. This was our first time attending the Balloon Fest, so it’s exciting for me. I have never seen so many photographers in one place before, so my images might be taken from the same angle as the thousands of images on the Internet.

They had live music, and I used one of their songs for my video.

Lee photographing one of the booths.

The foods were expensive, and we weren’t allowed to bring outside food in.

One of the photographers took this picture for us.

This was my first glimpse of the balloon, I was so excited to see it this close.

It was cloudy and I kept telling myself that this was the best weather to photograph the balloons until it started to drizzle. I was worried that they might cancel the Night Glow.

My sister went with us, my dad didn’t since it was too cold.

Bo waiting in line to ride the balloon.

He waited for over 2 hours and it’s a good thing that they didn’t cancel when it rained.

He only had a few minutes in the air, all strings still attached.

I guess it’s well worth the wait.

It’s like a miracle that day, I certainly didn’t expect to see the sunshine after the rain.

I’m not sure who floated the lantern.  It looks similar to Komloi at the lantern festival in Thailand.

The Night Glow was gorgeous.


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