7 Day Old Chicks

They have grown so fast, and almost time to go to their new home at Bo’s mom’s chicken farm. This one is learning how to fly.

This little fellow is a mixed breed with a Feather Footed Bantam, there are feathers on his legs.

The one on the right hand side is the youngest, and I injured one of her legs when I helped her out from her shell. It was heartbreaking to see her dragging her leg for the first two days, and seeing her now you can’t tell.  Normally you are not supposed to help them, but she was stuck in her half cracked shell for too long and I was afraid that she wouldn’t make it.  I stayed up with her until 3 am Sunday night to make sure she was okay.

You can start telling a male chick from a female chick at 1 day old, and I used to think that a male chick start to grow tail at an early age but I’m not so sure anymore.  The sure way is to check their sex organ, and here is a link that shows you how.

It’s amazing to see their feathers growing in the first few days, and at 7 day old they are very strong.

This fellow is a rooster Americana, he is a black beauty.

I will miss them, their new owners can’t wait to meet them.


  1. They look so fragile and small. And then so cute & fluffy! It looks like you guys did a great job of helping to bring them to the world. 🙂

    • Hi cn, they’re only fragile for the first hour, and after that they could help themselves. It’s a great accomplishment for Bo, and we hope to do a few more batches in the Spring of next year.

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