Incubator Chicks

Bo has been trying to hatch his mom’s chicken eggs by using the incubator and this is his first success.  He didn’t keep track of the number of days, and it takes about 19-21 days for the chicken eggs to hatch. The first egg hatched around 1:15 am last night, and I’m glad the second egg hatched shortly after that.

We didn’t see the second chicks until Bo removed the cover.

Bo transferred them into a box, this was around 1:30 am on Sunday September 8, 2013.

By 11:00 this morning 4 chicks hatched.

Bo wore gloves because he didn’t want to transfer his germs to the newly hatched chicks.

We still have many more eggs, and not all of them will hatch.

Lee helped this newly hatched chick by chirping to encourage it to come out.

This one is almost ready to come out, it is an Americana egg and it might be another hour or so as I’m writing this.

Lee helped 3 chicks to hatch, and we have a total of 8 chicks so far.

Updated late pm today, 11 chicks hatched total in the first day.

Americana chick

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