Camping at Wat

Back in 2007, I thought about camping at Wat (Temple) Cemetery and at the time my family thought it was a crazy idea. I didn’t think so, and since I like to translate ghost stories, I thought it would be nice to write about my own experience.  I can tell you right now, even if a ghost tapped me on my shoulder I would not know it.  This is so true and obvious based on the story that I am about to tell you.

We camped at Wat this year, and our generator quit working the first day we got there.  We aren’t used to rough camping, but we weren’t too worry since we had a camping lantern, and parked not too far from Wat.

Wat at night looked different than during the daytime, and our campsite was dark. I didn’t dare go off in the dark to photograph the scary cemetery.

Wat’s cemetery was not far from where the vendors camped, some pitched a tent and others slept in their vans. I’ve heard stories of branches and trees shaking for no apparent reason in the past, and I thought it would be so nice to witness this in person. Of course no one would go with me, and I wasn’t about to go by myself to see this.

We went to sleep early that evening, and there were many of us so instead of pulling out the sofa bed, my second sister and I slept on the floor.  We each had our own sleeping bag. My younger sister slept on the sofa, here I was sandwiched between my two sisters.  Bo was trying to hatch baby chicks and he brought his eggs incubator with him.  He placed it right near my head where I sleep, and since the power went off it gave off odd odor.  The eggs were due to hatch in a few days.

Around 2 am, I woke up because of an odd odor.  It smelled like a decaying body, and it came in spell of every now and then.  Ten and fifteen minutes went by and it bothered me so bad, I thought it was the eggs, and got up and smelled the eggs in the incubator. It was not the same smell as what I had been smelling.  I went back to sleep and laid there for another 10 minutes and the smell got stronger. I decided to wake my sisters up.  I asked them if they smelled anything, like a dead rat or something and they all said no.  This bothered me even more, so I got up and sniffed the eggs again.  I told them “it came in spell, are you sure you don’t smell anything?” My sister said surely it was the rotten eggs, and I said it’s different.  At this point my sisters were spooked and they all said to go back to sleep.  I laid there for another 5 minutes and the odor got worse. I got up and sniffed the eggs again just to make sure, and it wasn’t it.

At this point, I thought both my sisters must be rotten and kind of odd that I’m the only one smelling this.  My oldest sister finally said it must be the eggs, and suggested that I take them outside.  I went outside with the incubator, tripped on the mat and fell down with it.  It was dark and I couldn’t see anything.  I was hoping that I didn’t break any eggs and laid the incubator down gently next to the camper. July was extremely hot, and it wasn’t a windy night.  Before I could get up I smelled the foul decaying odor again, and this time it was a lot closer than before.  I got up, and rushed back inside the camper and that was the last time I smelled the the odor that night.

I got up the next morning and still confused of what I smelled.  I opened the incubator, and I had broke one egg when I tripped on the mat.  I sniffed the eggs, it was a foul rotten egg odor, but not the same smell as last night. This puzzled me.  I asked my sisters if they smelled anything last night, and they all said no.  My oldest sister said that it gave her chills last night when I kept saying the smell came in spell, she said it sounded like a ghost.  She wanted to tell me to shut up and I kept stressing about the foul decaying odor. We thought perhaps it was my mom that came to see me, I wished I had looked around to see who was there.

Later that day I learned that Ai Janh that lived at Wat passed away in April of this year, he passed away in his sleep.  We were just talking about him earlier in the evening that we didn’t see him and wondered if he were still living at Wat. I’m beginning to think now that it was Ai Janh that came to visit me, below is a photo of him taking with my GI Joe sister in 2007.

RIP Ai Janh.  As for me, I’m so slow in getting this, apparently I don’t have a ghost radar at all.


    • Hi Dallas, he used to live in NC, and I was told that he died the same day as his son’s wedding day. It’s so sad to hear of his passing. 😦

  1. That’s an amazing experience you’d just had. They (the ghost) are trying to communicate with you. You have to communicate back or the odor may keep going. Simply say, stop bothering me and “follow the light.”

    Ghosts are spirits that get trap between the afterlife and the living. Since they are trapped, you can free them by saying, “follow the light,” “go be born as a human” or “go to heaven.” That is your good deed of the day. Just like you see a trapped animal, your instinct is to free them.

    Don’t go into fear mode because that is the opposite of love. Ghost feed off fear and can make your life worse. Some have been traumatize for panicking, which you were calm about it. Project love and see how fast they disappear.

    I guess your ghost went away when you tripped because it felt bad for making you fall. I believe this ghost isn’t your mother because your mother had a proper ceremony and she would never show up with a negative odor. A passing ceremony is like telling the dead that “you’re dead, follow the light” a hundred times until they get it. If your mother shows up it would likely be a scent of her favorite flower, a bird or animal doing something odd like land on your shoulder or land on your window sill. They sometimes show up during a time when you really need their guidance.

    • Hi Zed, after translating so many ghost stories you would have thought I would know what to do. I actually didn’t know what it was, and felt odd that my sense of smell was working overtime. The more I thought about it, the more I thought it was the spirit of Ai Janh that visited that night, I did ask about him that evening since I didn’t see him at the temple. I think he must have come to visit, but I never looked up to see him when I was outside the camper. The temple ground is not the best place to camp, and I would imagine there are many spirits walking around at night.

      I don’t even know if my mom spirit is still around, would be nice to see or hear from her, perhaps I will have a better luck next year. 🙂

  2. Hi Nye,
    How spooky! I hope the baby eggs are OK.

    I have a similar experience to share, but not as spooky. I was maybe 15 years old at the time and had recently lost a close relative. My aunt and I was in the backyard picking veggies when this floral perfume scent came floating along. It seem I was the only one that could smell it.

    Later that night I told my parents the story and they said spirits usually come to greet us with either a sweet or foul smell. And only the person whom the spirit is talking to can smell it. It’s just their way of communicating with you. The best thing to do is just talk to them and say something like, “How are you? I am well. Not much going on here.” And the smell will disappear. Simple as that! 🙂

    Btw, did you find out what happened to the generator?

    • Hi Cn, we must have overloaded the circuit and the generator kicked off by itself. We didn’t know where to turn it back on at the temple but it’s working normal again. The eggs didn’t make it since we couldn’t keep it warm and have consistence temperature for them to hatch. Bo tried another batch and the first egg hatched last night, I’ve made a post.

      I think it’s more spooky when it happens at night, the floral scent is more welcoming than foul smell in my opinion. I’ve often wonder why they choose certain individual to communicate with, here there were 5 of us woke up that night, and I’m the only one that smelled it. Thanks for sharing your story, it’s very interesting to hear and I’m glad to know that I’m not going crazy yet. 🙂

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