Sungkra Tarn at Wat Greensboro on Mother’s Day

Our family went to Wat Greensboro to offer Sakatharn or merit making for our mom on Mother’s Day. This is our 7th year visiting the temple on Mother’s Day.
My sisters arranged flowers for the Buddha’s Room.
The flowers in this vase came from my sister Bee’s garden.
My dad offering Kun 5, which is a worship plate of 5 pairs of candles and flowers for worshiping.
We offered Sungka Tarn, a Buddhist merit making ceremony for the deceased.
I get plenty of bamboo shoots from my co-worker this year, but still can’t resist to go bamboo shoot hunt on Mother’s Day.  My second sister is showing off her first bamboo shoot.
These are perfect size bamboo shoots.
I didn’t know you could plant from the bamboo shoots, my sister Bee plans to plant these in pots.
These looks like the ones my co-worker gave me.
Photos were taken with 5DMkIII, Canon 24-105mm f/4L lens.

4 thoughts on “Sungkra Tarn at Wat Greensboro on Mother’s Day

  1. Nye,
    It’s been so long since I’ve been on your blog (even I haven’t really been blogging too) and I just notice via your comment that you are shooting with a 5DMkIII, I am so jealous!!!! How is the camera, I’ve heard a lot of great reviews on it!!!

    • Hi mozemoua, I’ve been neglecting my blog some also, kind of feel bad and having been surfing the web much lately.

      I bought the 5D back in November of last year and still learning how to use the camera. The camera is awesome and I started shooting Raw so I’m seeing the improvement in my images also. I think I like the full frame the most, I don’t miss my crop body Canon T2i at all. 🙂

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