Saturday Random Photos

It’s two weeks before Mother’s Day, and the Azalea flowers are blooming.

Our family call this a Mother’s Day flower because we used to live in New York and the Azalea flowers bloom around Mother’s day.

It’s sad that my mom didn’t live long enough to see this, perhaps she is admiring it from haven.

These are my two Persimmon trees that I purchased (busa) from Wat Greensboro last Fall. I’m giving them to my dad to plant in his backyard since I don’t have any space in my own garden or backyard.

I kept them in my garage during the winter months.  I was very happy to see the leaves and surprised to see the young fruits.

A row of peppers.

String beans

Asian corns

My sister has a lot of weeding to do. I used my 70-200mm telephoto lens to photograph the garden this time so it wouldn’t show too much of the background, below are the cucumber plants.

Cherry tomato

Snow peas

Lemon grass


It has been raining and this makes me and the garden very happy.

Photos were taken with 5DMkIII, and Canon EF70-200mm f/4L USM lens.


  1. Beautiful update. The banana plants all have nice leaves on them already. I just planted mine a few weeks back and will leave them outside this time around.

    Do you know if Wat Greensboro still have more persimmon tree & the price? I have a friend who’s been wanting a few persimmon tree for their backyard. Thanks

    • Truels, I hope Spring has visited you by now. The winter season has lasted a lot longer for most of us, and I’m thankful for the warmer weather here.

  2. Your azaleas reminded me of the summer my father passed away. My father had planted some morning glories in a forgotten corner of the garden. It was one of the few things he could grow well. He didn’t get to see them climb or bloom that summer. All I can say is that even when you are not around to enjoy the pretty flowers, it becomes a beautiful gift to those left behind.

    Happy Mother’s Day Nye 🙂

    • Thanks cn for the Mother’s Day wish. It’s definitely a gift that they had left behind, seeing or smelling the flowers make us think of them, that kind of memory will stay with us forever. 🙂

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