Comet PANSTARRS 3-15-2013 ???

Updated 3-16-2013, I received a comment from mahasamud114 @ youtube that “It’s a plane. Comets appear to be stationary to the eye, with their trail pointing away from the sun.”After seeing it for the second time I’m still not sure if it’s the comet that I’m looking at.  This time it’s a lot larger, went above my head with 2 long dust tails.  It made me think of a jet, but it didn’t leave a long trail like the aircraft.  Then it took a nose dive near the sun set, and that’s when I realized it must be it.  Even after I shot the video, I’m still wasn’t sure what I’m looking at.

[vimeo w=560&h=315]


  1. I’ve seen falling stars a few times and each time it’s really amazing. But I would love to see meteorites, asteroids or comets… as long as it’s not the end of the world. JK!

    As for the photo, it does look ike jet contrails to me.

    • cn, I can’t image seeing the real thing, even the fake one was exciting. 🙂 We’ll have a clear sky tomorrow night, but not sure if I could see it from my house since there’s houses and trees in my neighborhood and I can’t get to higher ground.

  2. That looks like a contrail to me. This is because a contrail, unlike a Chemtrial, fades away faster, I’ve heard. — contrail are white just like in your vid. The longer Chemtrial streak is blue in your vid. I’ve heard that they’re spraying a lot of those polluting stuffs where you’re at. You don’t want to go outside when they’re spraying those because if you’re the kind with a weak immune system you might get even weaker, as some would say. If you see lots of intersecting lines in the sky like that then it could be it.

    Meteorite can have parallel streaks too, so it could be a meteorite. Comet is different because comet is an object in space. If that’s a comet then that is a big and fast moving one. It’s very rare to see a meteorite with a parallel tail. Check this one out. it looks like the one you capture but the left streak is larger than the right streak which means it could be a meteorite

    We had a few meteorite that came by at night about a week apart. Every time the big one came by, it made a loud single boom across the sky. It sounded almost just like these cool videos. dog scared by comet check volume

    • Hi Zed, thanks for the video links, kind of interesting and scary to see the meteorite since it’s so destructive when it makes landfall. I never realized how busy our sky until trying to chase after Comet PannStarrs, and even late into the night the plane lights were everywhere.

      In the last weeks or so I’ve learned a great deal about the jet contrails, kind of embarrassing on my part. 🙂 and finally know what to look for in a comet. We had a clear night on Tuesday, and I was out there again but I think it must be real low because I couldn’t see it and only saw jet taillights. As I stood out there, I thought to myself there are so many beautiful stars out and here I’m freezing cold outside chasing to see this one Comet, I think it’s insane. I had to laugh at myself, but I know I’m not the only out there chasing after Comet PannStarrs.

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