Visiting Grandma Last Weekend

I have converted some of these images to black and white for the Black & White Photography assignment. I’m glad I shot them in color, and post production conversion to black & white instead of shooting them in monochrome, or black and white.  It has been a while since I did a panning shot, and Grandma’s area still looks like Winter.

This is the smallest brown chicken egg I have ever seen.  Grandma said that it’s the last egg from one of the original laying hens that Bo gave her.

It even has a mickey mouse print on it.

Freshly picked eggs

Grandma made some Lao medicine by pickled raw eggs with Apple Cider Vinegar. I can’t tell you what it tasted like since I didn’t try, I actually don’t dare try.

A week old chicken peeps.

Three day old chicken peeps.

Hanging out by the water cooler, I wonder if they gossiped.

A very small and short rooster.

Police Line-up, not sure which is the guilty one.

Grandma gave me a clipping from this big plant.

It has beautiful flowers.


  1. Dear Nye: Surely your Grandma is overcome with joy and pride whenever she gets to spend time with you! Thanks for the reminder about “grandmas and cuttings.” Thank you for sharing your interesting chicken pics. I am getting closer to having a few small chickens here myself, so I will be showing this post to my friend, who will actually be the head chicken wrangler when the time comes. The well-spring of knowledge that is a grandma. She is very lucky indeed!

    • Hi cissyblue, we enjoy spending time with her also, especially her Laotian home-cooked meal. I would love to have a backyard chicken, perhaps someday when we have a bigger land. I’m looking forward to seeing your chicken photos, and thanks for your visit and comment.

  2. The hens and the roosters look so healthy. These chicks are so cute. They made me think of the old days when I was back home. Nice photos.

    • Thanks Champagne, they are adorable and can’t wait to see them growing up. The little yellow ones will be big hens, they are the same breed as the two big roosters. They should be laying eggs by mid Summer.

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