Carolina Home & Garden Show

Bo was able to round up 7 free tickets for the Carolina Home & Garden Show in Hickory again this year. It seems to me that the show gets smaller each year.  It’s a 3 day show starting on Friday, and we went to the one on Saturday. The Light Place was one of my favorite displays, I would love to have the bamboo mat for my backyard or camping.

Everything there was for sale, including the orchids on display.






My dad was checking out the Ford truck, it’s definitely too big for him.


Lee found her car, I’m glad it’s a few more years before she could drive and on the meanwhile she has to take the school bus to and from school.


Every year we visited this plant venue.


I let her purchased the Venus Fly Trap this year. I think it will be interesting for her to learn, although I’m not a fan of this type of plants.


The free food samples were great, these are chocolate covered strawberries.


If the show could foretell this year’s economic growth, I have to say it’s not very promising.


  1. I Love the orchids, they are so beautiful. I thought the fly eater plants are taller than this one, I saw it from National Geography channel. Lee looks very happy with her car.

    • Hi Champagne, the orchids are beautiful and they have different varieties also. These Venus Fry trap are young, so it might take a few years from them to get bigger. Grandpa and Lee both love to check out new cars. 🙂

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